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JULY 20 - 25, 2015

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Recommended Reading

Bucks County TAR (PA) Officer at the Gingriches book signing

As a Teen Age Republican, Taylor offers unique insights. He goes beyond the usual political jargon, which seems to perpetually complain about political outcomes without offering solutions. Taylor said, “Is the American Dream a Farce? explains how ordinary people can make a difference in politics.”

Mark Taylor is no stranger to grassroots activism. Taylor is the founder of Savannah-Area Teenage Republicans and has been an active member of TARS since his freshman year of high school. In 2010, Taylor attended Young America’s Foundation High School Leadership Conference at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. He is also a graduate of Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School and a TeenPact alumnus. Taylor completed a Constitutional Law course at Patrick Henry College in 2011. Mark Taylor will be autographing copies of his book at TLC this summer.

Is the American Dream a Farce? by Mark Taylor is available in electronic and print formats from major online booksellers (including the TARS bookstore). To learn more about Mark Taylor and view his videos and blog posts, visit:, check out his author page at:  or watch on youtube:  


In Arthur C. Brooks new release, The Road to Freedom, he discusses ways to preserve American traditions such as entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and upward mobility that have been weakened in recent years by Liberal policymakers in favor of big government and redistribution of wealth. The Road to Freedom is a quintessential read for every Republican citizen, politician, and staffer in order to make a better argument for the free enterprise system that has made America exceptional.

In Screwed!, bestselling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann lay bare the unvarnished facts as never before and suggest real, immediate, and specific steps to stop those who undermine our interests and take away our jobs. Morris and McGann have documented, in great depth and detail, exactly how the United States is getting screwed, and how to stop it. They dig up the facts, name names, point fingers, and suggest concrete solutions—independent of partisan politics. Be sure to check out Lunch Alerts with Dick Morris at!

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